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Sep 29, 2022

Featuring an interview with Dr Amrita Krishnan, including the following topics:

  • Case: A woman in her early 60s who presents with renal failure and receives CyBorD for multiple myeloma (MM) (0:00)
  • Dyspnea associated with carfilzomib; ocular toxicity with belantamab mafodotin (6:26)
  • Efficacy, tolerability and sequencing of belantamab mafodotin for MM; myths and misperceptions (10:33)
  • Case: A man in his early 70s who presents with back pain and compression fractures; efficacy of bispecific antibodies compared to chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy (17:40)
  • Emerging data with the GPRC5D-targeted bispecific antibody talquetamab; similarities and differences in the pharmacology of BCMA-targeted bispecific antibodies for MM (25:31)
  • Case: A man in his mid 50s who presents with severe back pain and an L5 mass (30:22)
  • Diagnosis and management of cytokine release syndrome, neurotoxicity and infectious complications with CAR T-cell therapy (35:05)
  • Future roles of bispecific antibodies, CAR T-cell therapy and transplantation in the treatment of MM; eligibility criteria for patients to receive CAR T-cell therapy (44:06)

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