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Feb 23, 2023

Featuring perspectives from Drs Farrukh Awan and Kelly Rogers, including the following topics:

      Case: A woman in her early 90s with underlying chronic obstructive pulmonary disease was observed for 20 years for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) before initiating treatment with acalabrutinib and quickly develops fatigue, headache and diarrhea — Erik Rupard, MD (16:56)

     Case: A frail man in his late 80s with CLL requiring treatment develops nonspecific side effects with acalabrutinib — Neil Morganstein, MD (29:44)

     Case: A man in his late 80s with CLL was observed for 28 years before starting ibrutinib and then develops atrial fibrillation — Laurie Matt-Amaral, MD, MPH (35:05)

     Case: A man in his mid 80s with CLL develops atrial fibrillation on ibrutinib while traveling overseas — Eric H Lee, MD, PhD (39:17)

     Case: A man in his mid 60s with relapsed CLL treated with ibrutinib develops significant epistaxis and ecchymoses — Yanjun Ma, MD (49:01)

     Case: A man in his early 60s with Waldenström macroglobulinemia receives ibrutinib/rituximab and develops elevated liver enzymes — Gigi Chen, MD (51:20)

     Case: A woman in her late 60s with CLL experiences acalabrutinib-associated headaches — Rohit Gosain, MD (54:10)

     Case: A man in his early 70s presents with relapsed mantle cell lymphoma after receiving bendamustine/rituximab on a clinical trial followed by acalabrutinib on progression — Zanetta S Lamar, MD (57:21)

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