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Jun 30, 2021

Proceedings from the second in a series of 11 summer webinars held following the 2021 ONS Annual Congress. Featuring perspectives from Ms Kristen E Battiato and Dr Jennifer Woyach, including the following topics:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Up-Front Treatment with a Bruton Tyrosine Kinase (BTK) Inhibitor for Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
    • Case: A man in his mid-70s with immunoglobulin heavy chain variable (IGHV)-unmutated CLL —Jennifer Woyach, MD (9:58)
    • Case: A woman in her early 50s with IGHV-unmutated CLL/small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) and progressive lymphadenopathy — Kristen E Battiato, AGNP-C (22:20)
  • First-Line Treatment with Obinutuzumab/Venetoclax for Patients with CLL
    • Case: A woman in her late 60s with IGHV-mutated CLL — Trisomy 12 — Dr Woyach (30:16)
    • Case: A man in his late 50s with IGHV-unmutated CLL/SLL, multifocal adenopathy and splenomegaly — Ms Battiato (36:09)
  • Future Directions in CLL (U2 Regimen, LOXO-305, CAR T-Cell Therapy)
    • Case: A man in his mid-80s with relapsed CLL and an acquired C418S BTK mutation associated with ibrutinib resistance — Dr Woyach (49:59)
    • Case: A woman in her late 80s with relapsed CLL/SLL — 17p deletion, no IGHV mutation — Ms Battiato (52:06)

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