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Nov 21, 2019

Breast Cancer Update, Issue 4, 2019 — Part 1: Our interview with Dr Rugo highlights the following topics as well as cases from her practice:

  • Biology of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC); implications for therapeutic decision-making (00:00)
  • Median overall survival estimates for patients with metastatic TNBC (03:55)
  • Survival outcomes for patients with metastatic ER-positive and HER2-positive breast cancer (05:42)
  • Case: A woman in her early 30s with localized TNBC receives neoadjuvant chemotherapy on the control arm of the I-SPY 2 trial (08:27)
  • Genetic testing for patients with TNBC (12:58)
  • Fertility preservation in young women undergoing therapy for breast cancer (14:40)
  • Perspective on the use of GnRH agonists for premenopausal women with TNBC (16:27)
  • Importance of providing support to patients coping with a diagnosis of TNBC (18:31)
  • I-SPY 2 trial: Neoadjuvant and personalized adaptive novel agents to treat breast cancer (20:36)
  • Novel agents under evaluation in the I-SPY 2 trial (23:30)
  • Investigation of immune checkpoint inhibitor combination approaches (25:43)
  • Cooling caps to reduce chemotherapy-related hair loss (28:25)
  • Use of frozen gloves and socks to lessen chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (31:26)
  • Coping with the side effects of chemotherapy (32:32)
  • Case: A woman in her early 60s with metastatic TNBC is treated with atezolizumab and nab paclitaxel (36:12)
  • Importance of accurately determining tumor of origin in patients who present with metastatic disease after diagnosis of multiple primary cancers (39:10)
  • Approach to genetic testing for women with metastatic TNBC (41:51)
  • Use of genetic test results in clinical decision-making (45:57)
  • Improvement in overall survival with atezolizumab and nab paclitaxel for patients with PD-L1-positive TNBC (47:33)
  • Response and tolerability of atezolizumab with nab paclitaxel on the IMpassion130 study (50:37)
  • Thyroid dysfunction associated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (53:26)
  • Biologic rationale for the investigation of immune checkpoint inhibitors in breast cancer (56:36)
  • Activity of anti-PD-1/PD-L1 antibodies in patients with breast cancer (58:25)
  • Design, eligibility and outcomes of the IMpassion130 study evaluating atezolizumab with nab paclitaxel as first-line therapy for advanced TNBC (1:01:01)
  • Therapeutic approach for patients with TNBC and BRCA mutations (1:06:05)
  • Case: A woman in her early 40s with a germline BRCA1 mutation receives chemotherapy followed by maintenance olaparib for metastatic TNBC (1:09:16)
  • Efficacy of olaparib and talazoparib for patients with advanced breast cancer and a germline BRCA mutation (1:13:16)
  • Tolerability profile of olaparib versus talazoparib (1:17:22)
  • Emerging data with the novel antibody-drug conjugates sacituzumab govitecan, trastuzumab deruxtecan and ladiratuzumab vedotin for advanced breast cancer (1:19:39)

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