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Jan 9, 2020

Featuring one-on-one discussion with Dr Seth Pollack on the strategies employed by a panel of leading clinical investigators in a number of challenging clinical situations in the management of localized and metastatic soft tissue sarcoma, including the following topics:

  • Initial Workup and Classification; Management of Localized Disease
    • Biopsy as part of the initial workup for localized soft tissue sarcoma (STS) (00:00)
    • Review of biopsy results by an expert pathologist or at a tertiary center of excellence; classification and incidence of STS (4:19)
    • Imaging studies for patients with undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS) (13:00)
    • Role of neoadjuvant therapy for patients with Grade 3 UPS (15:39)
    • Perspective on adjuvant therapy for patients with UPS (24:16)
    • Neoadjuvant therapy for Grade 1 leiomyosarcoma (29:21)
  • Management of Metastatic Disease
    • Incidence and sites of oligometastatic disease; preference for biopsy and approach to surgical resection (32:16)
    • Sequencing therapies for a young patient with UPS; results from the Phase III ANNOUNCE trial of olaratumab for advanced STS (39:56)
    • Treatment algorithm for an elderly patient who presents with low-volume, asymptomatic, metastatic UPS (52:23)
    • Treatment approach for an elderly patient who presents with large-volume, symptomatic, metastatic UPS (54:21)
    • Sequencing therapies for a young patient with metastatic leiomyosarcoma; novel agents under investigation for STS (57:04)

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