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Feb 24, 2020

Proceedings from Part 2 of a 2-part satellite symposia series during the 61st ASH Annual Meeting. Featuring perspectives from Drs Jesús G Berdeja, Sagar Lonial, María-Victoria Mateos, Nikhil C Munshi, Robert Z Orlowski and Noopur Raje.

  • Introduction
    • Program Overview: Dr Love  (00:00)
  • Up-Front Management of Multiple Myeloma (MM)
    • Case (Dr Peswani): A woman in her early 70s who achieves a VGPR to induction RVd but is unwilling to undergo ASCT (01:08)
    • Case (Dr Khan): A woman in her mid-80s with IgG lambda MM and poor renal function (07:00)
    • Faculty Presentation: Dr Raje (20:51)
  • Consolidation and Maintenance Therapy; Emerging Role of Minimal Residual Disease
    • Case (Dr Brenner): A man in his early 50s with Stage III IgG lambda MM and t(14;16) (33:39)
    • Case (Dr Lamar): A woman in her late 70s presents with renal failure, is diagnosed with MM and receives CyBorD (38:01)
    • Faculty Presentation: Dr Munshi (43:40)
  • Current Management of Relapsed/Refractory MM
    • Case (Dr Brenner): A man in his late 60s experiences a biochemical relapse while receiving lenalidomide maintenance after RVd and ASCT (59:22)
    • Additional questions from the community oncologist/hematologist panel regarding the management of relapsed/refractory MM (1:02:22)
    • Faculty Presentation: Dr Mateos (1:06:40)
  • Novel Strategies Under Investigation for the Treatment of MM
    • Case (Dr Brenner): A man in his late 80s with t(11;14) MM and multiple comorbidities experiences disease progression on second-line pomalidomide/daratumumab/dexamethasone (1:19:25)
    • Faculty Presentation: Dr Lonial (1:21:52)
  • Therapeutic Strategies Targeting B-Cell Maturation Antigen in MM
    • Case (Dr Lamar): A man in his late 40s with high-risk MM experiences rapid disease progression on RVd (1:39:10)
    • Faculty Presentation: Dr Berdeja (1:42:24)
  • Amyloidosis and Waldenström Macroglobulinemia (WM)
    • Case (Dr Khan): A woman in her late 50s with multiple comorbidities is diagnosed with renal amyloidosis and receives up-front CyBorD (2:08:32)
    • Case (Dr Lamar): A fit man in his early 90s who has been observed for 4 to 5 years for WM (2:14:02)
    • Faculty Presentation: Dr Orlowski (2:17:28)

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