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Jun 7, 2021

Proceedings from the forth in a series of 11 integrated webinars held in association with the 2021 ONS Annual Congress. Featuring perspectives from Drs Johanna Bendell and Daniel Catenacci on cases from the practice of Ms Jessica Mitchell, including the following topics:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • A man in his late 70s with metastatic KRAS-mutant, microsatellite-stable (MSS) colorectal cancer (3:08)
  • A woman in her late 70s with metastatic left-sided MSS colorectal cancer with a BRAF V600E mutation (26:10)
  • A man in his mid-60s with newly diagnosed metastatic esophageal cancer and a PD-L1 CPS (combined positive score) of 10 (37:05)
  • A man in his late 50s with metastatic HER2-positive gastroesophageal junction cancer who received FOLFOX/trastuzumab, ramucirumab/paclitaxel and now has disease progression (51:50)

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